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My Specialties

Individual Counseling

In individual counselling and psychotherapy, you and I shall unravel the process of healing in a one to one conversational setting.  

I mainly use third wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches (ACT & CFT) in helping you detangle your difficult emotional experiences. Together we will work towards your chosen behavioural goals thereby attaining a greater sense of healing, calm and equanimity.

Group Counseling

In group counselling, you, I and several others like us who would wish to work on a common area of concern or hurt in our lives, shall delve into the process of group therapy and work towards attaining healing together. We are all evolutionarily wired for social support and belonging and group counselling is a structured way to reach our common goals.

Depression & Anxiety Disorders

All of us witness depressive and or anxious episodes at some point of time in our lives or another. However, owing to social and cultural stigmas as well as self-built walls of shame or guilt we find ourselves miserable in these internal experiences. I am eager to help you explore these difficult experiences, accept them for what they are and help you detangle from them with all your heart, leaving you healed and empowered to live your best possible selves.

Healing for LGBTQ+ community

Identifying oneself as a member of the LGBTQ+ community comes with severe social stigmas. Traumatic experiences of homophobia or transphobia can lead to severe psychological distress. As a Queer Affirmative Psychotherapist, I shall take you through a process personalised to your individual needs and help you overcome your anxieties. I am invested in helping you achieve your desired levels of psychological flexibility and resilience.

Stress, Burnout & Trauma

Modern day life brings with it every single day, multiple roles and responsibilities leading to high levels of stress, fatigue and burnout. While we cannot put an end to our 'to-do lists', we can definitely change our relationship with them, as well as how we approach our day to day activities. 

Many of us also face different forms of emotional, physical and interpersonal trauma during the journey of our lives. With counselling and psychotherapeutic interventions designed specifically for you, I shall help you heal these experiences and rewrite a new empowering story of your life.

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